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Accelera Alpha Tire Reviews

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Accelera Alpha Tire
 Accelera tires
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 2 customer reviews
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 2 customer reviews
overall8.3 hydroplaning resistance9.5
buy again88% cornering stability9.5
dry traction9.5 steering responsiveness9.5
wet traction8.5 ride comfort9.5
light snow traction5.0 noise level9.0
deep snow traction2.0 treadwear8.0
ice traction5.0 miles reported202
     8-10 = excellent        6-7 = good        4-5 = fair        1-3 = poor
Mavis Discount Tire has received 2 tire reviews for the Accelera Alpha. This tire has received a 4 out of 5 Star rating with 88% of the respondents saying they would buy again. Dry Traction and Hydroplaning Resistance received the highest marks and total mileage that as been reviewed is 202.

Customer Reviews: Accelera Alpha

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar
submitted on3/17/2013
buy againDefinitely
tire size205/45ZR17 XL
vehicle2005 Acura RSX
driving conditionMostly City
driving styleEnergetic
locationNew Windsor, NY
review overall8.1 review hydroplaning resistance10.0
review buy again100% review cornering stability10.0
review dry traction10.0 review steering responsiveness10.0
review wet traction8.0 review ride comfort10.0
review light snow traction5.0 review noise level10.0
review deep snow traction2.0 review treadwear7.0
review ice traction5.0 review miles reported200
star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar
submitted on11/19/2012
buy againProbably
tire size255/50VR20
vehicle2009 Nissan Murano
driving conditionCombined Highway/City
driving styleEasy Going
locationLiverpool, NY
review overall8.7 review hydroplaning resistance9.0
review buy again75% review cornering stability9.0
review dry traction9.0 review steering responsiveness9.0
review wet traction9.0 review ride comfort9.0
review light snow traction review noise level8.0
review deep snow traction review treadwear9.0
review ice traction review miles reported2
The tire I actually have is the Accelera Iota, not the Alpha. The Alpha was the only choice it gave me to choose for this review. They have been good so far, no complaints. They have hit a couple of pot holes by accident and have held up. The snow has yet to come so I don't know how well the snow traction will be. Price wise these beat any competitor brand for the wheel size I needed. The OEM specked 235/55/20 size was too expensive so I went to 255/50/20. A huge difference in price and it keeps my odometer in-line. Thanks again to Mavis for the service!