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Yokohama Advan Sport Tires

Yokohama Advan Sport
Yokohama tires

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Yokohama Advan Sport - All Season Max Performance tire
  • Grip From The Outside
  • Matrix rayon body ply enhances steering precision.
  • Nanotechnology Tread Compound bonds high-grade silica and polymers for better wet and dry grip.
  • Four wide circumferential grooves quickly and efficiently evacuate water for enhanced wet traction.
  • Sport Compound 5S and increased groove area on the inner portion of the asymmetric tread maximize wet performance.
  • Variable Round Grooves
  • Four Wide Circumferential Grooves
  • Groove-in-groove configuration controls stress to improve handling and promote even wear.
  • Quiet Sipe Design enhances grip while reducing pattern noise.
  • Features rigid sidewall reinforcement, a proprietary bead filler, and durable bead wire—which provide support for the vehicle’s weight during the loss of air pressure.
  • Groove-In-Groove Technology
  • Unique Sport Profile Ribs increase stability for more even wear and our Sport Compound 5S contributes to longer tread life.
  • Nanotechnology Tread Compound
  • Strength From The Inside
  • Triple Edge Cap Plies With Overlap Construction
  • Rayon Ply Construction
  • Sidewall Construction
  • Featuring an asymmetric tread design and the industry's first nanotechnology tread compound, the ADVAN Sport provides unprecedented grip in wet and dry conditions across various temperature ranges.
  • Cut at different widths and angles, prevent one-sided abrasion and maximize performance on wet surfaces.
  • Quickly and efficiently evacuate water for enhanced wet traction.
  • Enables small grovves, finely cut into the walls of the four main grooves to control the stress on the block to promote even wear.
  • Bonds super-fine, high grade silica and polymers at the molecular level to increase flexibility, durability and contact area by approximately 10% for better wet and dry traction through a variety of temperature ranges.
  • In order to safely handle high speeds and ensure maximum stability, the ADVAN Sport is constructed from some of the most durable materials to the most exacting standards.
  • Three layers of cap plies at the shoulders and two layers across the middle of the tread enhance durability at extreme speeds.
  • Protects against heat due to the stable nature of rayon strips. The rayon strips are wound at a 50% overlap creating a jointless, double layered ply.
  • Features high-stiffness bead filler, sidewall compounds and steel reinforcements to improve high-speed capabilities and handling.
  • Size Sidewall Speed
     195/55VR16  BK V 87V SL 180 A
     205/45VR17  BK V 84V SL 180 A
     205/55ZR16  BK W 91W SL 180 A
     225/40ZR18  BK Y 88Y SL 180 A
     225/45ZR17  BK Y 91Y SL 180 AA A
     225/45ZR17  BK Y 91Y SL 180 A
     225/50ZR17  BK Y 94Y SL 180 AA A
     225/50ZR17  BK Y 94Y SL 180 A
     225/50ZR16  BK W 92W SL 180 A
     245/40ZR18  BK Y 93Y SL 180 A
     245/40ZR18 XL  BK Y 97Y XL 180 AA A
     245/45R18  R SL 0
     245/50ZR18  BK W 100W SL 180 A
     245/45ZR17  BK Y 95Y SL 180 A
     255/35ZR20XL  BK Y 97Y XL 180 AA A
     255/40ZR19 XL  BK Y 100Y XL 180 AA A
     255/35ZR18  BK Y 90Y SL 180 A
     255/40ZR17  BK Y 94Y SL 180 A
     265/35ZR20 XL  BK Y 99Y XL 180 AA A
     265/35ZR20 XL  BK Y 99Y XL 180 A
     275/35ZR20 XL  BK Z Z XL 180 AA A
     275/35ZR18  BK Y 95Y SL 180 A
     285/35ZR19  BK Y 99Y SL 180 A
     295/35R21  BK Y 107Y XL 280 A
     295/35ZR21  BK Y 107Y XL 180 AA A
     295/40ZZR20  BK Y 106Y SL 180 AA A
     315/35ZR21 XL  BK Y 98Y XL 220 A A

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