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Pirelli P6 FOUR SEASONS Tires

Consumer Tire Performance Survey

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based on 79 customer reviews
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 79 customer reviews
overall7.8 hydroplaning resistance7.6
buy again86% cornering stability8.3
dry traction8.6 steering responsiveness8.3
wet traction8.3 ride comfort8.1
light snow traction7.6 noise level7.7
deep snow traction6.9 treadwear7.4
ice traction6.2 miles reported612,898
     8-10 = excellent        6-7 = good        4-5 = fair        1-3 = poor
Pirelli P6 FOUR SEASONS - All Season Grand Touring tire
Developed in conjunction with the worlds leading car manufacturers, the P6 FourSeasons ™ is a tire designed for the latest generation of Sports and Luxury Touring Sedans where comfort, high-speed stability and safety are the essential requirements. With increased steering and braking precision, the P6 FourSeason™ incorporates exclusive, innovative features to enhance the level and duration of performance. The innovative STEP project (Safety from Technically Engineered Profile): a technological platform that gives the P6 FourSeason™ a new profile, reducing deformation in the critical zones of the tire, producing greater reliability and structural resistance. The tire has less rigidity with the same resistance during use and thus less wearing in the parts most subjected to it: the resulting sensation behind the wheel is one of optimal stability and control, with an easy adaptation to variable driving conditions. A special footprint (contact patch) making the P6 FourSeasons™ a reliable tire, secure on wet surfaces, assured when braking, quiet on the road and resistant to all types of road stress: its structural and geometric parameters improve smoothness of operation and create uniformity of pressure within the footprint. The benefits are more grip and total stability on wet or dry surfaces, with less tire fatigue and thus longer mileage. ELRR (Extra Low Rolling Resistance) system: the belting, the sidewall and carcass compounds are designed and constructed to improve flexibility and increase smoothness of roll, while overall weight is reduced and integrity optimized. The P6 FourSeasons™ reduces fuel consumption and atmospheric pollution. Two new compounds: one at the base of the tread, combines durability with high comfort values; the second, used for the tread pattern, is characterized by extraordinary grip on snow, wet and dry roads. The P6 FourSeasons™ has wide ribs with curved grooves for better traction and braking, working together with the continuous ribs to improve comfort and even wear. Continuous channels ensure faster and more effective water expulsion from the contact patch. A full central rib gives steering precision, ensures stability and improved handling.
  • Improved tread design
  • Two central longitudinal grooves
  • Variable angle grooves
  • Reinforced shoulders
  • Two central longitudinal grooves
  • Variable-pitching shoulders
  • Central longitudinal grooves
  • Continuous central rib
  • Variable-pitching shoulders
  • Continuous central rib
  • Full central rib
  • Specially designed 90 degree tread sections
  • Improved steering response
  • Increased tread life and even tread wear
  • provide maximum water expulsion
  • for high stability and reduced road noise
  • Fuel savings and longer life
  • Outstanding safety control and traction in wet weather
  • for excellent dry handling
  • Outstanding safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations
  • Reduced road noise
  • Better handling
  • Ensures stability and improved handling
  • increase snow traction
Size Sidewall Speed
 P175/65R14  BK T 82T SL 400 A A
 P195/60VR15  BK V 88V SL 400 A A
 P195/65R15  BK V 91V SL 400 A A
 195/65HR15  BK H 91H SL 400 A A
 205/50R17  BK V 93V XL 400 A A
 P205/50HR16  BK H 87H SL 500 A A
 205/55HR16  BK H 91H SL 400 A A
 P205/60HR15  BK H 91H SL 400 A A
 P205/60HR15  BK H 91H SL 500 A A
 215/55VR17  BK V 94V SL 400 A A
 P215/60R15  BK T 93T SL 760 A B
 215/60HR15  BK H 94H SL 400 A A
 225/55HR18  BK H 97H SL 500 A A
 225/60HR18  BK H 99H SL 400 A A
 225/45HR17 XL  BK H 94H XL 500 A A
 225/50HR17  BK H 94H SL 400 A A
 225/60VR17  BK V 98V SL 400 A A
 P225/60VR16  BK V 97V SL 400 A A
 235/40HR18 XL  BK H 95H XL 400 A A
 P235/55HR17  BK H 99H SL 500 A A
 245/40HR18  BK H 93H SL 400 A A
 P245/45HR17  BK H 95H SL 400 A A
 275/35VR18  BK V 95V SL 400 A A