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Firestone Destination M/T with UNI-T Tires

Consumer Tire Performance Survey

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based on 1 customer reviews
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 1 customer reviews
overall7.2 hydroplaning resistance
buy again75% cornering stability6.0
dry traction8.0 steering responsiveness6.0
wet traction9.0 ride comfort5.0
light snow traction10.0 noise level4.0
deep snow traction10.0 treadwear
ice traction miles reported100
     8-10 = excellent        6-7 = good        4-5 = fair        1-3 = poor
Mavis Discount Tire offers Firestone Destination M/T with UNI-T tires in 19 popular sizes. When replacing all 4 tires, the most popular vehicle was the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. 1 different vehicle models in total were fitted with this tire. The average mileage when putting on the new tires was , and Summer was the most common time of year to purchase.

Firestone Destination M/T with UNI-T - All Season On/Off-Road Maximum Traction tire
The Destination M-T is the first Firestone light truck tire with exclusive UNI-T technology to advance wet handling and braking. Plus, you get a whole package of advantages from DMR Max Traction Light Truck Tire Technologies, exclusively from Firestone. With deep skid lugs, 3 body ply construction, over-the-shoulder tread/lug design and our special Rim Gaurd Off-Road Protector Rib, the Destination M/T is as tough and durable as it looks. Since its pinned for studs, the Destination M/T is also ready to deliver extra grip in witner conditions. All these features add up to a light truck tire that has what it takes for off-road, all-terrain, all-season performance.
  • CO-CS (Computer Optimized Component System)
  • LL Carbon (Long Link)
  • O-Bead
  • Rim Guard
  • Dura-Loc
  • Mud and Off-Road Traction
  • Pinned for studs
  • Maximizes tire performance by optimizing the appropriate combination of tread design, casing shape, materials, and construction.
  • Helps improve tread wear and resist cracking, chipping and tearing through the use of a special long length carbon structure
  • Improves uniformity and ride comfort through use of a single continuous strand of cable in the bead construction
  • Protects wheels from curb damage through raised rubber ridge
  • Provides outstanding resistance to on- and off- highway hazards using 3 polyester body plies and a high-strength tie-in construction
  • The result of a unique over-the-shoulder tread/lug design that increases Extraction Traction to help get you through ruts and mud combined with low 23' Attack Angle to increase pulling power. Wide wraparound lugs and special tread element shapes and angles help deflect road hazards from the shoulder areas as well as improve self-cleaning in mud and snow conditions.
  • For extra grip in winter conditions
Size Sidewall Speed
 LT31X10.50R15  OWL Q 109Q C 0
 LT33X12.5R15  OWL Q 108Q C 0
 LT35X12.50R20  BK R E 0
 LT35X12.50R18  BK Q 123Q E 0
 LT215/85R16  BK R 115/112R E 0
 LT225/75R16  BK Q 115Q E 0
 LT235/85R16  BK Q 120Q E 0
 LT245/70R17  BK Q 119/116Q E 0
 LT245/75R16  BK Q 120Q E 0
 LT255/75R17  OWL Q 108Q E 0
 LT265/70R17  OWL Q 121/118Q E 0
 LT265/75R16  OWL Q 123/120Q E 0
 LT275/65R20  BK Q 126Q E 0
 LT275/70R18  BK Q 125Q E 0
 LT285/65R18  BK R E 0
 LT285/65R18  BK Q 125Q E 0
 LT285/70R17  OWL Q 121Q E 0
 LT285/75R16  BK Q 126Q E 0
 LT305/55R20  BK Q 121Q E 0
 LT315/70R17  BK Q 121/118Q E 0