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Cooper Zeon RS3 Tires

Consumer Tire Performance Survey

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based on 2 customer reviews
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 2 customer reviews
overall7.5 hydroplaning resistance8.5
buy again88% cornering stability8.5
dry traction8.5 steering responsiveness8.5
wet traction8.0 ride comfort9.0
light snow traction3.0 noise level8.0
deep snow traction2.0 treadwear7.5
ice traction2.0 miles reported15,700
     8-10 = excellent        6-7 = good        4-5 = fair        1-3 = poor
Mavis Discount Tire offers Cooper Zeon RS3 tires in 18 popular sizes. When replacing all 4 tires, the most popular vehicle was the Acura Tsx. 1 different vehicle models in total were fitted with this tire. The average mileage when putting on the new tires was , and Summer was the most common time of year to purchase.

Cooper Zeon RS3 - All Season Ultra High Performance tire
  • Large Shoulder Tread Elements
  • 'Racing Inspired' Silica Tread Compound
  • Lateral Intermediate Tread Elements
  • Laterally Oriented Shoulder Grooves
  • Four Wide Circumferential Grooves
  • Outboard Tread Features
  • Variable Draft Groove Walls
  • Wide Circumferential Grooves
  • Free 45-Day Road Test
  • R-Tech Mold Profile
  • 20,000 Mile Treadwear Protection (when same size on both axles); 10,000 Mile Treadwear Protection (rear of staggered fitments)
  • Variable Draft Groove Walls
  • Inboard Tread Feature
  • For ultimate dry traction, increased handling and exceptional cornering ability.
  • This compound maximizes grip for dry limit handling, while maintaining an excellent level of wet performance.
  • For stable cornering and reduced noise.
  • Laterally oriented shoulder grooves and uniform element geometry help provide even treadwear.
  • For hydroplane resistance.
  • Large outside shoulder and intermediate tread blocks, together with reduced pattern void in this region, contribute to outstanding steering response and high levels of cornering force. More rubber (less 'void') - More rubber on the outboard tread pattern provides exceptional dry handling and ultimate cornering ability and steering response.
  • Circumferential grooves are for hydroplane resistance.
  • Help provide even treadwear.
  • Optimized contact patch geometry provides excellent responsiveness and maximum cornering forces.
  • The variable draft groove walls help provide even treadwear.
  • More lateral grooves (more 'void') helps maintains wet performance.
Size Sidewall Speed
 205/50ZR17 XL  BK W 93W XL 220 AA A
 215/45ZR17 XL  BK W 91W XL 220 AA A
 225/50ZR17 XL  BK W 98W XL 220 AA A
 235/35ZR19 XL  BK Y 91Y XL 300 AA A
 235/40ZR18 XL  BK Y 95Y XL 220 AA A
 235/50ZR18  BK W 97W SL 300 AA A
 235/45ZR17 XL  BK Y 97Y XL 220 AA A
 235/55ZR17  BK W 99W SL 220 AA A
 245/40ZR20 XL  BK Y 99Y XL 220 AA A
 245/35ZR19 XL  BK Y 93Y XL 220 AA A
 245/45R18  BK Y 96Y SL 0
 255/35ZR20 XL  BK W 97W XL 220 AA A
 255/40ZR19 XL  BK Y 100Y XL 220 AA A
 265/35ZR19 XL  BK Y 98Y XL 220 AA A
 275/35ZR20 XL  BK W 102W XL 220 AA A
 275/40ZR17  BK W 98W SL 220 AA A
 305/35ZR20 XL  BK Y 107Y XL 220 AA A
 325/30ZR19 XL  BK Y 105Y XL 220 AA A