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Brakes near me in Palm Harbor FL, low as $109.99, most cars

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Garret took his time to explain everything….
- customer review for brakes for a 2014 HONDA CR-V, 103748 miles

So nice to have professional service close to home.
- customer review for brakes for a 2014 TOYOTA CAMRY, 44424 miles

Mavis Tires & Brakes in Palm Harbor is the leader in auto brake service for cars, SUVs and light trucks.

Great service, I will recommend.
- customer review for brakes for a 2012 VOLVO S60, 109246 miles

Was an amazing experience and will be a returning customer.
- customer review for brakes for a 2016 FORD FOCUS, 78747 miles

If you are looking for brakes, Mavis pricing can't be beat. With our large inventory of brake parts we have a brake service to fit your vehicle's needs; including brake pads, rotors and calipers. We are your brake shop.

Staff did a great job. I saw some great customer service that Chris delt with great professionalism. I am an area retail manager and know great customer service when I see it. There was a customer that was using lots of profanity and threats and Chris did an outstanding job defusing it. He is a keeper.
- customer review for brakes for a 2016 DODGE CHARGER, 110385 miles

Chris was most helpful throughout entire process he was the MAN and Howard too !!
- customer review for brakes for a 2002 DODGE RAM 2500, 275318 miles

Common symptoms or signs your brakes should be inspected:

  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy
  • Brake pedal pulsates
  • Steering wheel or vehicle shakes when braking
  • Brake light or service message appearing on your dashboard
  • Brake pedal pressure is light or none at all
  • Squeaking, Grinding or Squealing when depressing the brake pedal

If your vehicle is having these symptoms or your brakes just don't feel right, bring your vehicle for the Mavis Free Brake Check.

Additional comments for Brakes in Palm Harbor FL:

Great service !
- brakes for a 2008 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, 140000 miles

Was great to work with.
- brakes for a 2005 JEEP LIBERTY

Howard worked with us professionally and courteously. We appreciated his continued help in getting our car in order. Thank you Howard.
- brakes for a 2017 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT, 94208 miles

Danny was great in communicating what they found with the car.
- brakes for a 2007 TOYOTA COROLLA, 180856 miles

Danny was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- brakes for a 2013 TOYOTA SIENNA, 66024 miles

I came in without an appointment and they fixed my car while I waited. I will return when I need work again. They gave me great service 2 years ago when I bought tires.
- brakes for a 2009 FORD EDGE, 89714 miles

Everyone was great.
- brakes for a 2014 FORD F-150, 91582 miles

Great Service. I was in a rush and they managed to get everything done in an extremely efficient and timely manner. Highly recommend!
- brakes for a 2012 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA, 96000 miles

Tim and Jim are fantastic. I appreciate the fantastic customer service and upfront no b.s. honesty about the vehicles issues. Not all shops are that way. I was recommended by another customer and I will recommend this location also. Always up to par!!! Thanks guys. Be seeing you next time something's needed with my vehicle.
- brakes for a 2015 TOYOTA RAV4, 68000 miles

Very professional and polite staff, great experience. I will start using this location for oil changes as well. Great guys!
- brakes for a 2017 NISSAN SENTRA, 107165 miles

They did a fantastic job and we definitely be bringing our other vehicles to them. Thanknyou
- brakes for a 1992 CHEVROLET S10, 210000 miles

Great job. Appreciate the communication. Exceeded expectations
- brakes for a 2011 HYUNDAI SANTA FE, 82000 miles

I liked the honest assessment of my problem and the follow-through for the quoted price
- brakes for a 2005 TOYOTA COROLLA, 122000 miles

I have had the worst luck with mechanics. I gotta flat tire one day came here because it was the closet place to me at the time. They helped me so much, was very understandable of my emotions at the time of crisis. Prices were amazing and I love the staff. I will always come back here from now on and I'm so relieved I finally found a honest, committed and courteous place to come. I highly, highly recommend this place!
- brakes for a 2013 TOYOTA CAMRY, 109022 miles