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Brakes near me in Chicago IL, low as $114.99, most cars

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I brought a family member and he said he will be using your services for his car and my aunt's car. We had a very, very good experience today! Thank you.
- customer review for brakes for a 2017 KIA FORTE, 47965 miles

Thank you
- customer review for brakes for a 2018 NISSAN SENTRA, 50000 miles

Mavis Tires & Brakes in Chicago is the leader in auto brake service for cars, SUVs and light trucks.

Wanted to thank Rich for all his help in fixing my tire and communicating that my brakes were bad and fixing them while I was at work. Thank you Rich for all your help!
- customer review for brakes for a 2014 DODGE JOURNEY, 59051 miles

Eli was great! I appreciate all his help.
- customer review for brakes for a 2009 CHEVROLET TAHOE, 238296 miles

If you are looking for brakes, Mavis pricing can't be beat. With our large inventory of brake parts we have a brake service to fit your vehicle's needs; including brake pads, rotors and calipers. We are your brake shop.

Awesome person!! Did a fantastic job
- customer review for brakes for a 1999 TOYOTA CAMRY, 94888 miles

Eli was excellent, very helpful
- customer review for brakes for a 2004 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE, 175036 miles

Common symptoms or signs your brakes should be inspected:

  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy
  • Brake pedal pulsates
  • Steering wheel or vehicle shakes when braking
  • Brake light or service message appearing on your dashboard
  • Brake pedal pressure is light or none at all
  • Squeaking, Grinding or Squealing when depressing the brake pedal

If your vehicle is having these symptoms or your brakes just don't feel right, bring your vehicle for the Mavis Free Brake Check.

Additional comments for Brakes in Chicago IL:

Lionel (Leo) took excellent care and went the extra mile to ensure my son's car was taken care of. I've bought tires from this location when it was NTB and Leo was the representative that took care of me then. Glad to see his transition to Mavis is working well. I'm sure I'll be back in the future for my service and tire needs for my other vehicles.
- brakes for a 2002 TOYOTA SOLARA, 98500 miles

Leo and the entire team are extremely professional and helpful
- brakes for a 2008 TOYOTA RAV4, 110000 miles

Great and very professional. Thank you mavis..
- brakes for a 2005 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER, 149222 miles

The team was very friendly and all smiles! Made me laugh the entire time. Professional and detail oriented. Thank you!
- brakes for a 2006 FORD FOCUS, 100000 miles

Jamal was great very personable
- brakes for a 2015 GMC TERRAIN, 121000 miles

The manager ozzie and ken were very helpful to my services Wednesday July the 28th iam very happy now with my vehicle fix thksagain guys
- brakes for a 2014 KIA SORENTO, 115000 miles

Would like to commend the mechanic who serviced my vehicle was so very much through and Malcolm, Ozzy and the others were very professional and I am very satisfied with the working my vehicle. Thank You NTB.
- brakes for a 2009 PONTIAC G6, 79000 miles

Mike and the tech were great
- brakes for a 2018 NISSAN PATHFINDER, 20000 miles

Extremely professional and service was done when promised!!
- brakes for a 2006 JEEP LIBERTY, 79000 miles

I had a really good experience for my first time going to Mavis Tire shop. Eli at the front desk did such a great job of giving out good information and keeping everyone informed about their cars all the while helping people as they came thru the front door. Victor the mechanic did a great job on my car, I was really satisfied with the work that he did. So far, everything is running smoothly. Carlos, the manager was a blessing to give me a great competitive price for the brakes and was spot on with the estimated price. They all did such a good job. Eli went above and beyond by recommending a good place to eat while I waited and loaning me a phone charger when my battery was running low. I work in customer service and I understand what it means to help the customer and these guys were awesome. I'll definitely be coming back because of them. Thanks!
- brakes for a 2014 KIA SOUL, 97440 miles

Everyone was friendly great customer service.
- brakes for a 2013 INFINITI JX35, 132586 miles

Victor worked on my car and he delivered the best service!
- brakes for a 2016 FORD FUSION, 65210 miles

A very pleasant experience.
- brakes for a 2003 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY, 207783 miles

Good service and Excellent staff Mr flowers
- brakes for a 2018 GMC TERRAIN, 46662 miles