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General Grabber X3 M/T

General Grabber X3 M/T
General tires
Consumer Tire Performance Survey
based on 14 customer reviews
8.5 8.6
88% 8.3
8.9 8.8
8.7 7.5
9.3 7.3
9.2 8.6
8.2 20,715
     8-10 = excellent        6-7 = good        4-5 = fair        1-3 = poor
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General Grabber X3 M/T - All Season On/Off-Road Maximum Traction tire
  • Sidewall Protection
  • Duragen™ Technology
  • Stone Bumpers
  • Open Tread Design
  • Quiet Street Ride
  • Multi-Angle Grip Edges
  • Full Depth Sipes
  • Alternating Shoulder Scoops
  • Sidewall Design
  • A series of delfection ribs to protect the upper sidewall area. Objects are deflected away to protect penetration into the sidewall.
  • Three-ply construction on all sizes provides race-proved durabiity and puncture resistance. Robust compound gives excellent cut and chip resistance. Ultra high-strength steel belts ensures even footprint for confident stability.
  • Bumpers help release stones and debris from the large deep grooves, protects the groove bottom and minimize stone drilling. Added guage improves puncture resistance.
  • Aggressive, open pattern for high traction in mud, dirt, sand and gravel. Evacuation channels all for quick and efficient self-cleaning action.
  • Each individual pitch length helps to minimize tread generated noise on the street. Remarkably quiet and comfortable for the street and aggressively talented for off-road terrain.
  • The open pattern increases traction with many gripping surfaces and edges, arranged at multiple angles for grip in every direction.
  • Optimized placement of the sipes to provide impressive wet street & snow performance. Sipes are full depth to maintain grip throughout the tire's life.
  • Depressed blocks alternating on the shoulder to deliver additional grip on complex surfaces. This provides all surface traction.
  • Aggressive upper sidewall designed to protect from stones, sticks and other debris. Additional traction is achieved in challenging conditions from the innovative alternating patterns.
  • ge_grabber_x3_1x.jpg
  • Size Sidewall Speed
     LT31X10.50R15  BK Q 109Q C 0
     LT33X12.50R20  BK Q 114Q E 0
     LT33X12.50R18  RED Q 118Q E 0
     LT33X12.50R18  BK Q 118Q E 0
     LT33X12.50R17  RED Q 114Q D 0
     LT33X12.50R17  BK Q 114Q D 0
     LT33X10.50R15  RED Q 114Q C 0
     LT33X12.50R15  BK Q 108Q C 0
     LT35X12.50R20  BK Q 121Q E 0
     LT35X12.50R20  RED Q 121Q E 0
     LT35X12.50R18  BK Q 123Q E 0
     LT35X12.50R18  RED Q 123Q E 0
     LT35X12.50R17  RED Q 121Q E 0
     LT35X12.5R17  BK Q 121Q E 0
     LT35X12.50R15  BK Q 113Q C 0
     LT37X13.50R20  BK Q 127Q E 0
     LT37X13.50R20  RED Q 127Q E 0
     LT37X12.50R18  RED Q 128Q E 0
     37X12.50R17  RED Q 124Q D 0
     37X12.50R17  BK Q 124Q D 0
     LT255/75R17  BK Q 111/108Q C 0
     LT265/70R17  RED Q 121/118Q E 0
     LT265/75R16  BK Q 123/120Q E 0
     LT265/75R16  RED Q 112/109Q C 0
     LT275/65R20  RED Q 126/123Q E 0
     LT275/65R18  BK Q 123/120Q E 0
     LT285/70R17  RED Q 121/118Q E 0
     LT285/75R16  BK Q 126/123Q E 0
     LT295/55R20  BK Q 123/120Q E 0
     LT295/65R20  RED Q 129/126Q E 0
     LT295/70R18  BK Q 129/126Q E 0
     LT295/70R17  RED Q 121/181Q E 0
     LT295/70R17  BK Q 121/118Q E 0
     LT305/55R20  BK Q 121/118Q E 0
     LT305/55R20  RED Q 121/118Q E 0
     LT315/70R17  BK Q 121/118Q E 0
     LT315/75R16  BK Q 127/124Q E 0

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