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Mavis Tire - Office Phone Directory
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Accounts Payable 5047 Power Outages
Accounts Receivable 5045
Advertising 5049
Banking 5039 Paid Outs Bank Deposit Slips Bank Deposit Bags Bad Checks
Banking 5042 Paid Out Questions Cash Draw Issues
Banking 5052 Bad Checks
Credit Card Machines 5555 Support
Customer Service 5031 Fax:1-914-819-5490
Facility & Equipment Repair 5050 Equipment Repair - Bert Facility Maintenance Cell: 1-914-643-9112 Fax: 1-914-244-4391
Facility & Equipment Repair 5204 Supplies - Facility Maintenance Fax: 1-914-244-4391
Facility & Equipment Repair 5173 Building Issues - John Facility Maintenance Cell: 1-914-469-6958 Fax: 1-914-244-4391
Human Resources 5070 Manager Fax:1-914-514-1681 Fax::1-914-984-2514
Human Resources 5072 Help in Spanish
Human Resources 5073 Cole Employees
Human Resources 5074 Mavis Employees
Human Resources 5077 Receptionist
Human Resources 5080 Medical Alarm Codes
Human Resources 5081 401K Vacation Disability
Human Resources 5083 Workers Comp
Internet Sales and Support 5031 Resale Certificates Fax:1-914-984-2508
Inventory Discrepencies 5035
Inventory Replenishment 5037
Inventory Sellout 5036 Pricing
IT Department 6555 Store Support After Hours: 1-866-844-4040 ext. 6555 Video Fax: 1-914-488-8903
Jim Booth 5084
Management Support 5008 Inspection Stickers Scrap Tire Pickup
National Accounts 5043
Purchasing 5027 Order Parts w/ Credit Card
Receptionist 5000 Mavis Business Cards Fix Work Orders Reprint Invoices ext 5021 if busy
Shuttle 5061
Store Paperwork 5212
Tire Support 5020 Fax:1-914-514-1679
Vendor Payables 5201 Manager Fax:1-914-984-2509
Warehouse - Millwood 5815 914-923-9363
Warehouse - Syracuse 315-455-7307
WH-Brakes & Supplies 5444
Wholesale Department 5951 Fax:1-914-984-2508
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Mavis Corporate Office
Phone: 914-984-2500
Fax: 914-666-6755
Office Hours-Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

After Hours
IT Department: 866-844-4040
Human Resources: 914-447-4448
Facility Repair: 866-844-4040

Call Center Hours
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm

Millwood Warehouse Hours
Phone: 914-923-9363
Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm

Wholesale Hours
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-3pm

Resale Certificates
NY Resale Certificate
NY Waste Tire Certificate
MA Resale Certificate
CT Resale Certificate
PA Resale Certificate
NJ Resale Certificate
NJ Exempt Use Certificate
Farmer's Resale Certificate
Diplomat Resale Certificate
Exempt Organization Certification
Indian Exemtion Certificate

DMV Inspection Applications
Inspector Certification Application
Inspector Renewall Application