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Tires Arkport NY

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Mavis Discount Tire servicing Arkport stocks popular tire brands.

If I said the same great things about Dansville Mavis a million times it would never be too many times. I have the utmost TRUST in Jody and his crew. Micha worked on my vehicle today that I brought down for an oil change and I had them check breaks and look at my tires to make sure everything would be ready for my many trips of many miles to basketball games for some of them as far away as 6 hours one way. My ultimate trust in these guys is beyond measure. They found I needed breaks and my rotors were unsafe. I was not able to do it at the price quoted and Jody made it reachable for me so I could be safe in my travels. Then....... Micha brings my vehicle to the door, takes me out to my vehicle to show me that the back tires that I purchased only a couple months ago are not wearing well and said he wanted to be honest and upfront with me that I should change them as well to be safe in the snow season with good tires. Jody ordered the new tires and they will be changing those for me Wednesday. And, it doesn't even stop there... Wednesday is Jody's day off and he is going to make sure everything is taken care of for me on his day off! DANVILLE MAVIS NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME, THEY GO ABOVE & BEYOND EVERY TIME. I can't imagine having to EVER take my car to any other garage. THANK YOU FOR MAKING SURE WE HAVE THE BEST OF THE BEST IN Jody and his crew. - Arkport, NY

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Jody is always friendly and helpful. The service was Great! - Arkport, NY

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Like always, A++++++++++ in every part of the service today from Jody and his crew. It just doesn't matter what it is that we take our vehicles to Mavis in Dansville for they provide the BEST OF EVERYTHING........... EVERY TIME! Mavis has every reason to be proud of what they have provided for our area. It's evident that Jody has high expectations and his crew respects them no doubt. I can't say THANK YOU enough that we have the honor of having such an AMAZING group in our area. THANK YOU. - Arkport, NY

Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, Continental, Cooper, Dunlop, Firestone, Fuzion, General, Goodyear, Hankook, Kelly, Michelin, Pirelli, Uniroyal, Yokohama to name a few of the many brands that we offer.

It was another AMAZING EXPERIENCE at Dansville Mavis today. I was a little apprehensive at first to bring my car down for the work I needed to have done because Jason was not there. I spoke to Jody and he highly recommended another tech he had on today, Micha. He assured me that he was highly qualified and well trained by Jason and that he was very comfortable having Micha do the work. Micha and Jeff were able to get my car right in the bay, did the work in an hours less time than I was quoted and I was out the door! So, Another very successful visit and again, I couldn't be happier. I can't say enough awesome things about Dansville Mavis. The atmosphere, the employees and the way everyone there is focused on the customer and making sure we are happy and comfortable with everything that's going in with my vehicle. They are extremely personable and just a great group of guys. A++++++ (+...) rating for sure. Thank you again for putting this great group together and keeping them in Dansville. - Arkport, NY

Mavis Discount Tire
111 Franklin St., Dansville NY 14437
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Customer Reviews in Arkport NY:

Phenomenal care like always! This group in Dansville are top notch and I can't imagine having to take my vehicle to anyone else to do work on it. Even though this visit was just for tires, they never short change their amazing service to everyone that walks in the door. Once again, very satisfied with everything. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

Just like every other time. nothing short of courteous, professional and amazing service. Completely trust worthy and conscious of making sure that we are happy with the outcome of the work that they do for us. As I have stated several times, I am so happy that we have Jody, Jason and the rest of the crew in Dansville. Job well done. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

TOP NOTCH. I can't say enough good about Jody and his crew at the Dansville Mavis. Jason is by far the best mechanic I've ever had work on my car. Thank you Mavis for hiring these individuals. They are certainly an asset to your company. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

Jody, Courtney, Jason and Rich............ TOP NOTCH!! I can't say enough about those 4 individuals and Dansville Mavis. I've never been associated with a "chain store/garage" that goes way above and beyond like Jody and his staff. THANK YOU AGAIN MAVIS...... for putting Jody, Courtney, Jason and Rich at the Dansville Mavis! They are a great asset to your company. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

Like always, beyond amazing service, beyond amazing pricing, beyond expectations of atmosphere EVERY TIME I walk in to this establishment! Jodi, Courtney, Jason and "crew" go well above and beyond every time and, they seem determined to greet everyone that walks in there with ultimate respect like I have never witnessed at any other establishment like Mavis Tire. Again, I'm thrilled that I decided to stop in for an oil change over a year ago! I will NEVER take my vehicles anywhere other than Mavis. Well done Mavis, you have an AMAZING group in Dansville! Thank you. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

I absolutely will NEVER take my vehicles to anyone else as long as Mavis is in the Dansville area. Jody was not there tonight but, it's very evident that everyone at the Dansville Mavis have the same customer service etiquette! Robin was super and, Jason was more than willing to make sure my vehicle was fixed before he went home. I can't say enough about this crew! Great service to have in our area. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

The manager is why I come back time and time again. He is a good honest person , excellent to customers! - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

Awesome service like always and continued top notch employees. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

No other garage can ever compare! Jodi, Courtney, Jason, Michah & Robin along with the rest of the employees at the Dansville Mavis are TOP NOTCH! Each time I go there for any type of service, they make me and my family feel like family. Thank you, as always for providing our area with a GRADE A+ Service. I don't know if every Mavis Tire is like the one in Dansville but I can assure you, they are the BEST OF THE BEST. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

Nothing short of TOP NOTCH just like every other experience so far. Your selection of employees, and the expectations of the company are evident and at Dansville Mavis, they ALWAYS go above and beyond. I can't say enough about these guys. Great job once again! - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

As with every other visit, this one was nothing short of great service and superior advice from everyone involved with the repair of my vehicle. We are very lucky to have Mavis in the Dansville area and appreciate having them in our area. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

There are absolutely NO WORDS that can express my extremely positive experience, once again, at the Dansville Mavis. Jodi and his staff are far above ANY OTHER garage that I have ever dealt with. I cannot stress enough that Mavis is the ONLY place I will take my vehicles. Actually, I have my daughter driving all the way from Buffalo, NY this weekend because we need to have work done on her vehicle and I won't let anyone else touch her vehicle. I am reassured EVERY TIME I walk in the door at Mavis in Dansville that I am going to receive top notch service from every employee there. Every time I drive in the parking lot to the time I drive out I have never been disappointed in the service. Even though I may have no idea what they are talking about at times with what needs to be done , Jodi and his staff make sure to explain what they did, if they found anything else that I will need to have done in the near future and make sure that I have a better idea before I leave. Mavis in Dansville is a Top notch business and I'm very thankful that they are close enough that I am blessed to be a recipient of their AMAZING service. I will continue to refer family and friends so they too can have the same positive experience from a top notch car care business. THANK YOU for providing our area with this AMAZING group of employees and business. I can only hope that they stay for a very long time. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

Just like every other time that I have done business with the Dansville garage, the service was nothing short of amazing, courteous and a relaxing comforting setting. The employees are always eager to make sure that I fully understand what I need done and why it should be done. The employees are nothing short of courteous and are always eager to go above and beyond. I was on a "time crunch" and they did everything to make sure that I would be out in time to make my next appointment and, I was! I continue to tell everyone I know about Mavis Discount Tire in Dansville. My parents live about 9 months out of the year in Tennessee and come to stay for a few months up here and I have highly recommended that they visit Mavis in Dansville for tires that they need before they head back to Tennessee for the winter. My dad was hesitant because he wanted to make sure that Mavis would be available in Kingsport, Tennessee so we looked it up and there is one near where they live so, I believe they will be making a trip to see the awesome staff that you have at the Dansville Mavis Discount Tire. Thank you for your careful selection of employees. I will, as I tell EVERYONE, NEVER go anywhere else! Once again, "Hats off to Jodi and his staff". - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

Very friendly staff, courteous and professional. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

I can't say enough good about this group of guys. I just completed one of these surveys for my oil change only a couple of days ago and nothing has changed from that survey. These guys are nothing short of top notch. Great choice of employees Mavis Tire for the Dansville, NY area. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY

This is the best place around to get my car serviced. They are the most courteous people in the business! They can't do enough for us any time we are there for service. Great people that are obviously very happy with their job. It certainly shows every time we walk in. I send all of my family and friends to the Mavis Tire in Dansville. AMAZING PEOPLE. - Arkport, NY
Mavis Discount Tire Dansville NY