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Mavis Tire carries nearly all of the brands you know and trust. We are a true multi-brand retailer with a very wide range of offerings. Low cost options, tires to suit very specific needs, options for the smallest compact car to the largest SUV's.

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Browse Tire Models for Size 155/80-12 – All at Discount Prices!

155/80-12 (this size may exist in one of the formats listed below)

Below is the 155/80-12 tire size shown in many different formats. The differences are due to the speed ratings, load ranges, passenger car or light truck specifications. All the links below will search for tires of size 155/80-12, not taking in consideration speed ratings, load ranges, passenger car or light truck specifications. You may refine your search after the results are displayed by clicking the refine search button at the top of the search results page.

155/80121558012155 8012
155/80-1215580-12155 80-12
155/80 1215580 12155 80 12
155/80R1215580R12155 80R12
155/80SR1215580SR12155 80SR12
155/80TR1215580TR12155 80TR12
155/80HR1215580HR12155 80HR12
155/80VR1215580VR12155 80VR12
155/80ZR1215580ZR12155 80ZR12
155/80WR1215580WR12155 80WR12
P155/8012P1558012P155 8012
P155/80-12P15580-12P155 80-12
P155/80 12P15580 12P155 80 12
P155/80R12P15580R12P155 80R12
P155/80SR12P15580SR12P155 80SR12
P155/80TR12P15580TR12P155 80TR12
P155/80HR12P15580HR12P155 80HR12
P155/80VR12P15580VR12P155 80VR12
P155/80ZR12P15580ZR12P155 80ZR12
P155/80WR12P15580WR12P155 80WR12
LT155/8012LT1558012LT155 8012
LT155/80-12LT15580-12LT155 80-12
LT155/80 12LT15580 12LT155 80 12
LT155/80R12LT15580R12LT155 80R12
LT155/80SR12LT15580SR12LT155 80SR12
LT155/80TR12LT15580TR12LT155 80TR12
LT155/80HR12LT15580HR12LT155 80HR12
LT155/80VR12LT15580VR12LT155 80VR12
LT155/80ZR12LT15580ZR12LT155 80ZR12
LT155/80WR12LT15580WR12LT155 80WR12

The Mavis Discount Tire “You Name the Price” Program

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